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Moving Tools

Simi Valley Moving Company has all of the trucks equipped with necessary moving tools to assist customers with disassembling bed-frames, large furniture, appliances, etc. There are also tools that need to be ordered in case of special circumstances. Such as dealing with heavy machinery, grand piano, large equipment or art work. Some items need to be hoisted up through the window or the balcony. Hoisting tools don't come standard, therefore our estimators do preliminary research to avoid surprises. We make certain our movers are prepared for any kind of a situation.

When making deliveries out of state and we need to be extra careful. Our office staff has contacts and accounts with rental agencies in every major city, they can make reservations to rent tools whenever our movers need them.

HERE ARE SOME STANDARD TOOLS used by movers in their day to day operations

       tool box

Tool Chest

Power drill

Power Drill

        hoisting straps

Tie Down Straps

           Palet jack

Pallet Jack

         Tools J_Bar

"J" Jack


Computer Cart


Appliance Stove_Image_air_sled

Appliance Air Sled

commercial crane_accessories

Commercial Crane

Electric dolly

Electric Dolly

 commercial-machinery skates

Machinery Skate

      Hoist hand_rachet

Hoist Hand Rachet

      TOOLS 1_Auto-Tie-Down

Auto Tie Down


Shoulder Straps

                Utility Cart

Unitlity Cart

      Hydrolic Dolly

Hydrolic Dolly