Tips for Moving Electronicsmoving electronics

Electronics can be some of the most expensive (and important!) items you will move when moving day arrives. Here are a few tips that can give you the confidence that your beloved electronics will not be damaged on moving day:

1-      If possible, packing electronic items in their original box or packaging is always ideal. Most people do not hang on to the boxes their electronics come in, but if you do happen to have them, original packaging is a great way to pack them for a move.

2-      Take pictures. After moving everything into your new home, you will have to face the task of plugging all of your electronics in, hopefully correctly, so that they work. Taking a picture of the back and side of the television or computer can be a huge help. Having a picture of which cord gets plugged into which port can make it much easier/faster to hook everything back up the correct way.

3-      Once you remove all cords, use a twist tie to secure them so they do not unravel during the transport. Once all cords from each device have been removed, place them in gallon size Ziploc bags, and label each bag with a permanent marker. This will ensure that each bag will be placed with its correct device, and that all cords for each device will not get mixed together during the move.

4-      Packing popcorn and bubble wrap are extremely helpful when moving electronics. Some smaller devices such as printers, laptops and desktop computers can be pack in boxes, filled with bubble wrap and taped off. The bubble wrap or packing popcorn will protect the device from banging against anything that could damage the surface while in the box. Remember to always use a permanent marker to label “Fragile” or ”Electronics enclosed” on each box. Also, “this end up” is a good label to place on a box that you do not want to be tipped over or flipped upside down. This will give the movers the knowledge to handle these specific boxes with extra care.

5-      For printers, scanners, fax machines, always remove the ink cartridges before packing them for a move. Place the ink cartridges in a sealed Ziploc bag, in case they were to spill or leak.

6-      It is always a good idea to create an inventory list of all electronic items that will be moved from one place to the next. When doing this, it is also good to include the serial numbers of each item on the list.

By keeping these 6 tips in mind, you should be able to move your electronics successfully, with ease, on moving day!