Moving Terminology


To help you better understand terms and conditions section of your moving contract we are providing you with a short list of moving dictionary.

- Accessorial (Additional) Services - These are services Packing, Unpacking, Appliance servicing (connecting/reconnecting), etc.

- Advanced Charges - These are services performed by someone other than the mover. (Craftsman for wooden crates), other professional. Mover pays for these services and adds fees in your contract.

- Bill of Lading the contract for transportation and receipt for your goods.

- Carrier - Mover transporting your goods.

- Cash on Delivery (COD) - This means payment is required at the time of delivery, at home or warehouse.

- Expedited Service - This is an arrangement made with mover (long distance) by a set date in exchange for charges based on higher minimum weight.

- Flight Charge - A charge for carrying items up and/or down stairs (long distance only).

- Guaranteed Pick up and Delivery Service - Guaranteed dates of pick up and delivery (long distance moves), mover will provide reimbursement for delays. This premium service has higher tariff or higher minimum wight requirements.

- High value article (Article of extraordinary value) - Items valued at more than $100 per pound, or $220 per kg.

- Household Goods - in connection with moving means personal property used, or to be used, in a dwelling. You must request these items to be transported and pay mover for the transportation charges.

- Inventory - a detailed descriptive list of customer's household goods showing the number and the condition of the item.

- Long Carry - A charge for carrying article excessive distance between the truck and the residence. (Long distance moves only).

- Mover - A motor carrier engaged in the transportation of household goods.

- Order for Service - A document authorizing your mover to transport your goods.

- Pick up and delivery charges - Separate transportation charges applicable for transporting your shipment between short term storage and your residence.

- Reasonable Dispatch - The performance of transportation and delivery on the dates agreed upon by you and your mover and shown on your contract "order for service".

- Shuttle Service - A use of smaller truck to provide service to residence not accessible by mover's regular truck.

- Storage In Transit (SIT) - A temporary storage of your shipment, pending further transportation, with or with out notification to customer. If customer can not accept shipment on the agreed date, mover can place goods into warehouse (with out notification). In this case customer is responsible for SIT charges, as well as warehouse handling, and final delivery charges.

- Tariff - An issuance containing rates, rules, regulations, classifications or other provisions. California issued a Max 4 tariff for moves with in the state (contains of maximum rate, which movers can not exceed). Federal Department of Transportation, for moves across state lines, requires movers to post tariff. The tariff must contain 3 (three) specific items. First, description of services offered to public. Second, the specific applicable rates, (or basis for calculating rates), and service terms for services offered to public. Third, has to be arranged to that customer can determine the rates for services applicable to their shipment.

- Valuation - the degree of worth of the shipment. The valuation charge compensates a mover for assuming a greater degree of liability than is provided in base transportation charges.

- Warehouse handling - A charge may be applicable every time SIT service is provided. This charge compensates the mover for physical labor of placing shipment into storage and than taking it out.