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Simi Valley Moving 

Residential movers

Simi Valley is recognized as one of the safest cities in America. Simi Valley Movers is kown as one of the safest choices of moving companies in the industry. We ensure that deliveries of local or long distance residential relocations is made efficiently and at the low cost to our customers. We invest in our employees and into our equipment – our most valuable assets! Our equipment and fleet are subject to annual upgrades and our employees go through annual training. Our residential movers will move you across the street or across country. And we will make your relocation the best experience ever!



Residential moves require a wide variety of services. Our clients often find themselves in a position which requires a help of a mover. Our clients move in with their roommates, some get exciting out of state jobs, some get married and move into their first homes, others get kids and move into larger homes, some move their kids out to school, others sell their big homes and retire in Palm Springs, Florida or some other great place. And we are ready to:

  • Pack them up,
  • Load them tight,
  • And take them to their new exciting stage of their lives.

Our movers will do anything in their power to make your relocation as smooth as possible. They have many years of experience and on top of that they are courteous, honest and loyal workers. They take pride at what they do - as they fully understand the importance and the stressful nature of their business. Our customers are anxiously expecting the move day - to us "every day is a move day".

When preparing for a local move look for a company that offers to come out to perform an on-site estimate. This is the only way to guarantee a final cost. However, the reputation of the company will speak of their performance, and knowledge of proper handling valuable goods.

There are more preparations required for a long distance relocation. Customers should still get a reputable company, that will come out to perform an on-site estimate, but also check into their fleet. Make sure they own trucks that will make it to the desired destination.


For local or long distance estimates our estimators will take a 

detailed inventory of all customers belongings, they will take special

notes of articles that may require extra handling and protection,

they will measure large and bulky items and make  arrements for

movers to have proper materials and  to have proper materials

and equipment.

Estimators use a form called "Table of Measurements", each article

is  assigned a size in cubic feet. There is also room to take notes

of bulky articles, measurements will be included in the same

form. Once estimate is completed the size is added up. Based on the

size - we determine the right size crew and truck for local moves

and the proper amount of space in the trailer, proper crew and


The most important goal of the estimate is to get an accurate

estimate of the charges.

TAble of_Measurements_middle
Booklet WeighingGoods scale tick.gray12

 This is a page from a booklet issued by

California Public Unitilies Commission.

 This is what a weight slip from a cirtified scale looks like.

Customer should receive two: one of the light and another

of heavy weight of the truck.

Booklet Invetory_Reportnew Invetory copy1

The inventory forms must be filled out and checked and signed by mover and the customers. Every item loaded on the truck will be tagged and logged into this form along with its condition. This is done for protection of customer and the mover.

Please carefully observe the process and check items again when they are being off loaded, Make sure nothing is missing and there are no moving related damages.   


Simi Valley movers are happy to be with you at this important moment of your life!