Packing Instructions – Simple guidelines to efficient packingBoxes packed

Although Simi Valley Movers provides packing services

through our company, we realize that somecustomers

may want to pack themselves.However, proper steps

need to be taken when packing your belongings to assure

safe and efficient packing.

** You should be aware that if there are any damages

to your household items after you have packed them

and we have moved them, you will need to prove that

the damage occurred due to negligent handling andnot improper packing technique.

This should be recorded and documented prior to the move. Any damages occurred

while Simi Valley Movers pack your items or move them, will need to have a claim

filed for that item. 

Proper Packing Materials:

Variety of boxes, sizes and shapes
Bubble Wrap (wrap fragile items)
Packing Tape 
Permanent Markers (label boxes)
Packing labels 

Proper Packing Techniques:  

Packing one room at a time eliminates time and frustration. 
Label each box according to which room it belongs for the new location.
Keep the packed boxes at reasonable weight. The box needs to be
durable enough to sustain the weight inside.
Never pack any hazardous materials (HAZMAT) these items should be
disposed of by professionals.
Use proper packing materials when packing fragile and/or high value items.
NEVER pack any flammable items such as, matches, fireworks, flares etc.  
DO NOT ship any valuables such as jewelry, birth certificates, social security cards,
auto titles, etc. (carry these items with you during the move) 

In conclusion, if you wish to pack your own household items, use these helpful hints

as a guideline. Also, remember that Simi Valley Movers offer packing services as

well if you are unable to do so yourself. Please ask for a quote including our

packing services. We will handle your personal belongings with extreme

diligence and care!