Moving Trucks – Choosing the right size for your move

Decisions, decisions? Choosing a moving truck can be an essential Trucks
part to assuring an efficient and effective move.  It is important to 
make an educated decision when choosing the size of your moving 
truck. The most essential question to ask yourself when making 
this decision is, how much stuff do you have? You can figure this 
out with one of the following two methods. 

Square footage: 

Begin by making a list of all your large furniture items. You will 
want to list any items that will not fit in a box for the move. 
Including but not limited to, beds, couches, dining room sets, 
armoires, etc. The general rule to use for this method is to allow 
150 – 200 cubic feet per truck space for each fully furnished room. 
Also, there is an online calculator resource that is a great tool to 
use. Input your information in to the calculator and it will provide 
you with an estimated number of cubic feet that you will need for 
your moving truck. 

Number of rooms: 

Estimating by number of rooms is probably the simplest way to 
determine what size that you will need. The moving company may 
provide you with a general estimate for each room, however keep 
in mind that this is only a general estimate. These estimates will 
be based off of how much furniture is “typically” in a specific 
room.The prices will vary by the amount of furniture in each room.
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truck: studio apartment

12- to 15-foot truck: three rooms or less
20-foot truck: four or five rooms
24-26-foot truck: six, seven or eight rooms