Movers Liability and Insurance

Properly protecting your belongings during your move is essential. 

If you are a current home owner, you may want to contact your 

homeowners insurance to ask if there is coverage that they can 

offer for your move. If you are not currently a homeowner, don’t 

worry, there are many other coverage options available to protect your belongings during the move.

We recommend that you receive at least two quotes from two separate reputable insurance companies that provide

movers insurance. Here are some questions you may want to keep in mind while asking for a quote. 

What is the process to file a claim?
The difference between the minimum and maximum policies?
What items are or are not covered under each policy?
What are premium costs?
What are the deductibles? 
What type of limitations do you have?

                                              Movers Valuation Plans

Basic Coverage

The basic coverage is included in the mover’s rate. This is the most basic and minimal coverage that you can have

during your move.Basic coverage is .60 cents per pound, per article. If there is an item lost, we will multiply

the weight of the item (including the weight of the box) by .60 cents.  This will be the amount that is paid out

to you for the loss of the item.( I.e. .60 cents X y pounds)

Actual Cash Value Coverage:

This protection is not included in the rate by the moving company.They may add this charge to the agreement

prior to you signing the document.Purchasing this coverage will ensure that they will pay you a fair market value

up to the actual value that you declare. 

Full Value Coverage:

The full value coverage provides the best protection for your belongings. This protection plan covers all items

at full value including actual replacement value for your lost or damaged items.There may be deductibles

for damaged items but not items lost by the carrier. The full value coverage will be an additional charge

to your agreement. However, it will be stated as such on your agreement prior to you signing it.