Moving Motorcycles


There are three ways to transport motorcycles

  1. Ride it to your new destination

  3. Rent a specialized motorcycle trailer

  5. Let your movers handle it, transporting it inside with your household goods

Riding your motorcycle is the preferred way of transportation. Especially, if your destination does not involve any off-road or the destination is not too far from your original location. When moving out of state or to destinations of over 250 miles, riding a motorcycle may not be the easiest way of transportation.

Trailer cycle1

Transportation inside of a specialty trailer is the second best choice for moving your motorcycle. You can rent a good quality motorcycle trailer from a number of places, one of which is uhaul, or you can purchase a good quality trailer for just under $1,000 and have it customized for your bike.

When using a trailer to transport your motorcycle you must follow some basic directions. 1) Load your bike onto the trailer front-end first. 2) Tie it down with special straps. 3) Have the front wheel pressed tight to the front tire locator. 4) Crisscross tie-down straps placing cloth underneath the place where straps hold your motorcycle. 5) The tension applied by your tie-downs by lowering front suspension down 25% to 33% of the available travel. This will keep your motorcycle secure, while your trailer is going over any pot holes or bumps. 6) Strap the back wheel of your motorcycle in the similar manner as front, preventing it from swaying the back end of the motorcycle while the trailer is making turns.

Movers will transport your motorcycle in a regular box truck or trailer designed to transport household goods. Make sure that your movers have experience transporting motorcycles, as well as the insurance options they may offer, for any motorcycle related damages. An experienced mover will place your motorcycle at the very end of the load for two reasons. 1st your furniture and boxes will not surround your bike and keep it independently secured inside the box or trailer. 2nd the movers will have to stop after first 10 to 15 minutes of the ride to adjust the straps securing your motorcycle in place.

Inside a regular box or trailer your motorcycle will be secured to the side of the box. This means that one side of your motorcycle will be next to the wall of the box. The movers should create a thick padding between your bike and the wall, usually they use regular moving blankets. As many as half a dozen for the front and the back end.