How to prepare your garage for your move –images

Your garage may be used as your work out room, storage area, 
work room, etc. Therefore it may seem overwhelming when it is 
time to prepare all your things for your move. Although it may 
seem overwhelming, there are effect and efficient ways to go 
about packing and organizing your garage/storage space. 

Begin by properly discarding of non-shippable items. This includes 
all chemical items, such as oil, gas, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Be 
sure to follow all regulations when discarding these items. These 
items cannot just be thrown in the garbage. Follow up with your 
local poison control center for proper rules and regulations for 
discarding these items. 

Next, be sure to obtain the proper packing tools prior to beginning 
this process. Proper tools will include strong cardboard boxes 
and/or plastic totes of multiple sizes, newsprint and/or packing 
paper, zip ties or twine to bundle items together and packing tape 
to seal the boxes. Also, you will want to be sure to properly label 
the boxes so it will be easier to unpack at your new location. 

Start by grouping items together that are similar in size, long-
handled tools, short handled tools, etc. Long handled garden tools, 
such as rakes, garden hoe’s, brooms, mops, etc. These can be 
securely kept together by simply putting a zip tie around the 
handles, to create a bundle. This method will prevent any of these 
items to be left behind or become a lose item that can easily be 
misplaced. Having these items already together will make it easy 
for the movers to bundle these items in a moving pad. 

If you have hand tools, you may keep them inside their current 
tool box. However, you will want to fill the empty space in the tool 
box with crushed paper to prevent them from sliding around in the 
tool box. You will also want to secure any lock and drawers that 
are on the tool box, this will prevent the drawers from opening 
and spilling all the contents in the moving truck. 

Preparing your larger tools and lawn items will be a little bit more 
detailed preparation. You may want to consult the user guide for 
information on moving these items. Larger items include, lawn 
mowers, gas leaf blowers,  snow blowers, etc. These items you 
need to pay close attention to as you will need to completely drain 
all gas and oil from them prior to the move. The user guide will 
guide you on the proper steps to draining the tools. This step is 
extremely important as it will be a very dangerous situation if they 
are not drained completely and properly. After they are drained, 
properly dispose the contents as you do all other chemicals that 
you cannot move.