How to move your large couch – 

If you are moving from a larger home to smaller home, or if the large couch_2
doorways are simply not as large in your new home, this may 
cause issues in moving your large couch. If you know that your 
couch is larger than a normal size couch, be prepared for a more 
difficult move. The first step is to measure the couch, height, 
length and depth. Next you will need to measure the doorways in 
the old and new home. If the doorways in the current home are 
not large enough to move the couch through, you will need to 
consider other options. If you’re moving out of an apartment or 
condominium, another option can be, to move the couch off of the 
balcony.Although this is seems like a crazy idea, it is very feasible 
with the proper tools and proper assistance. This first step to 
complete this task is to obtain the proper tools from your local 
moving supply store.
The proper tools consist of –Moving blankets (to wrap the couch)
Twine or Packing tape (to secure moving blankets)
large couch
Rope (strong enough to hold the weight of the couch)
2 pieces of rope, twice in length of the height of the balcony 
2 pieces of rope, to use to guide the couch down 
Plenty of physical assistance

Before you begin this process, the first thing to be sure of, is that 
the railings is strong enough and secure enough to uphold the 
weight of the couch. Tightly secure two ropes to the railing and 
hang them down over the balcony, tie two ropes securely around 
the couch as guiding ropes. There should be at least two movers 
on the balcony holding the guiding ropes and two movers on the 
ground to secure the loose ropes from swinging. However, do not 
pull the ropes tight as this will add downward pressure to the 
movers on the balcony. Hoist the couch up on the balcony and 
slowly guide it down the ropes, using the guiding ropes to assure 
that it will not slide down to fast. Taking the proper steps will help 
to assure a successful move of your large couch from your 
apartment or balcony.