Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials1

One of the first rules you need to know when preparing to move is to have a clear understanding of the items which movers are not allowed to transport with household goods.

To keep the shipment safe in transit, the state and federal laws have an number of items that are considered hazardous and are illegal to be transported.


Some of the materials most common to household use are indicated below:

A. Combustible Liquids:

    Alcohol (Rubbing);

    Lubricants (Motor Oil);

    Anti-Freeze Compounds.

B. Corrosives:


    Drain Cleaner;

    Photographic Acid (used in developing film);


    Batteries (wet or dry);

    Water Purinfying Agents (used in swimming pools);

C. Exposives:

    Fire Works;

    Small Fire Arems Ammunition

    Flash Bulbs.

D. Flammables:

    Lighter Fluid;


    Wood Oil Stains;

    Petrol - Chemical Based Garden Spray;

    Paint or Varnish;

    Paint or Varnish Removers;

    Butane or Propane or Gasoline Garden Equipment;

    Signal Flares;

    Charcoal Briquettes.

E. Compressed Gasses:

    Aerosol Cans;

    Fire Extinguishers;

    Scuba Diving Tanks.

If you have any questions please contact mover's office. We would be happy to go over your options with you.