Filing a Claim


Obviously, your movers will do everything in there power to protect your goods, they will disassemble your furniture, wrap it in blankets and other packing materials. However, despite their best efforts the items are sometimes get lost or destroyed during a move.

You should file a claim as soon as possible. If you file to file a claim within 9 months, your mover may not be required to accept your claim. If you institute a court action and win, you may be entitled to attorney's fees. If you submitted your claim to the mover within 120 days after delivery or the date delivery is scheduled (whichever is later); and (1) the mover did not advise you of the availability of arbitration program as a means of resolving disputes; (2) a decision was not rendered through arbitration within the time required by law; or (3) you are instituting a court option to enforce an arbitration decision with which the mover has not complied.

In addition to any money you can recover from your mover to compensate for lost or destroyed articles, you may also recover the transportation charges represented by the portion of the shipment lost or destroyed. Your mover may disregard this paragraph if loss or damage was due an act or omission by you. Your mover may require you to pay any specific valuation charge due.

Your mover is forbidden from collecting, or requiring you to pay, any freight charges when your household goods shipment is totally lost or destroyed in transit, unless the loss or destruction was due to an act or omission by you.