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Commercial Moves                                    

Simi Valley Moving  has an excellent reputation in commercial moving industry. We are well equipped to handle any type of commercial relocation. We understand that each move is as unique as the business itself. Our specialists goal is to determine exactly what customer's business relocation requires. Once we have that information we develop a strategy for our movers to efficiently perform their duties.

Simi Valley Moving commercial specialists work with the customer on development of the ultimate plan that will allow for customers continue business "as usual" - uninterrupted. They will select an appropriate team of movers and equipment to keep our price low and customer happy.

Simi Valley Moving will assign a specialist to stay in constant contact with the customer prior and during the relocation process. Our representative will be able to deal with any concerns, answer any questions and make any last minute changes if necessary. We understand how dreadful the move day is. To us a "move day is every day", we are ready for anything. "We hope for the best and prepare for the worst". Being ready for anything, makes us stay cool, collected and work out any difficulties. Our ultimate goal is to help the business stay organized even while in transit.

Simi Valley Moving - commercial unit is available to save your time so that you can spend it wisely on development of new business opportunities, finding new targets, investigating new products and so on. You can leave all the headache of hectic moving process to the professionals! We understand how important it is to have everything well planned and performed within established and mutually agreed time frames. Simi Valley Moving commercial movers offer the best solutions in the market! Our company has specific packages that are developed during our years of working with our commercial customers. We will do anything our business customers will benefit from!

Our commercial movers are well trained and managed by a team of business development specialists. They are ready to corroborate the process of relocation with your management.


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Our client portfolio comprises the largest companies in Southern California. Be assured that we have enough experience in commercial moving services and your delivery is safe in our hands. Simi Valley Moving commercial unit is going to be your most reliable partner. We work around customers schedule - day or night to make sure that customer is moved to the new facility fast and easy.

Simi Valley Moving has relocated many businesses locally and long distance. Our movers have many years of experience in working on large and complicated projects and have delivered excellent results time after time. Call us now and speak with our representatives. They will address any concerns you may have pertaining your upcoming move. We will send an estimator that will come to your business and do an on site review and provide you with a binding estimate.

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We helped many different commercial customers:

- Small and large professional and government offices,

- Manufacturing companies,

- Warehouses (building materials, dry food, refrigerated food, etc.),

- Schools and day care centers,

- Business expansion to multiple locations (locally and to other states),

- Shops - clothing, electronics, art, etc.,

- Restaurants and bars.


There is a major difference in preparation between local and long distance commercial moves. Please check out our local and long distance pages for details on how to better prepare and the variety of different services we can offer our commercial clients.

Important general information is that for long distance relocations our movers will inventory all valuables articles, tag them and log them into the form, including the condition. This form will be signed twice. First, after the truck is loaded both customer and the driver sign it. Second time, as the truck is being unloaded. To make sure all articles arrive undamaged and nothing is missing.