Changing your Car Registration/Address Informationdmv


Upon moving, changing and updating your car registration and address information is one of the most common forgotten steps. You will need to go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles in order to change your address, update your car registrations, and get a new drivers license. These 4 tips will make this process go smoothly:

1-      Get online or call the DMV to determine the required information to bring on the day you go in to make changes. Different states and cities require different documentation, such as social security card, birth certificate, and/or documentation of your new residence. You may also want to ask them what the best time of day to come is, that way you avoid waiting in long lines.

2-      Be sure to fill out a change of address form with the post office. Your old address will continue to receive your mail unless one of these forms is completed. By completing this document, your mail will be forwarded back to the sender, supplying them with your new/current address, and then will be forwarded to you.

3-      Check the deadlines in your new state of residence for having all information updated. Some states require new information to be updated within 10 days of moving there, while other states have a longer grace period. It is important to know which rules to follow, in order to avoid any late fees.

4-      If your move is after a new marriage, be sure to bring all documents proving your new name change. Your social security card and marriage license are two documents you will want to bring with you to the DMV.


These tips will help to ensure that once you move to your new state of residence, all of your personal information regarding your address and license information will be up to date.